Why MRS Local Marketing Is The Smart Choice For Small Business Website Design

about 97% of your customers are searching online for you right now. Will they find you?


MRS Local Marketing designs responsive, mobile-friendly, SEO optimized websites for small business owners primarily in Wisconsin, Iowa & Illinois.

Based in historic Mineral Point WI, we’re a local business just like you.

The personal touch and attention to detail that we provide to your local online marketing needs is the main reason why MRS Local Marketing is a smart choice for small business website design.



Your new or redesigned website from MRS Local Marketing will be Mobile Friendly and feature Responsive Website Design. Your website will be SEO Optimized for local search. It will target your local market in a way that will drive traffic to your website and customers and clients to your business.

Your new website from MRS Local Marketing will look great whether your customers are viewing them on a desktop. laptop, tablet or smartphone.

MRS Local Marketing specializes in designing attractive and engaging websites for small business owners. Call 608-220-0061 so we can build you a responsively designed and SEO optimized website at a reasonable price.





3 Things That Should Concern You About Your Website


web design sw wisconsinDoes your website work or look like this?


There are at least 3 things you should consider right now if you would like to  make your website and your business the top business in your local market:


1. Does your website look or work like it was created on, by or for a fax machine?

2. Is your website difficult or impossible for YOU or one of your associates to easily update and add content when you need to?

3. Are you relying only on Facebook or other social media for your online presence?


If you answered YES to any of these questions we need to talk. I can design or re-design your website so it’s responsive, mobile friendly, and optimized for local search.

Call me at 608-220-0061.





Who is MRS Local Marketing?

The Jr. Office Dog Is Hard at Work


Who is MRS Local Marketing, and why should I hire them?

Here is a quick introduction.

I’m Michael Smith. And I’m absolutely a dog-person.

I run a one-person/and two dog shop in historic Mineral Point WI.

I’ve been working with small business owners here in the Midwest for over 30 years on their local marketing. advertising and website design.

When I design a website for you, you can be assured that a real person who cares about and understands your local market will be working for YOU and your business.

I don’t have a big fancy office with a lot of overhead (except for puppy treats for Sophie and Stitch). I don’t have staffers huddled in anonymous cubicles.

When I communicate with you won’t be dealing with just a voice over the phone or some e-mailer who doesn’t know or care a thing about Mineral Point WI, Maquoketa IA, or Freeport IL

You will be working with a local small business person just like you who understands your community and what it takes to succeed in your local market in Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois.

Like you I have hobbies. Mine are:


  1. Railroad Photography (a lot of the photos on this site are mine) and Railfanning (If I see a train, I’ll stop and watch it. If I don’t see a train, I’ll stop and wait for it and then I’ll watch it.)
  2. Football (Soccer as some might call it…I root for Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund, Juventus, Crvena Zvezda, Viktoria Plzen, and Norwich City.)
  3. Motorsports (NASCAR & Formula 1, primarily)
  4. And of course, the Green Bay Packers; Wisconsin Badgers; Milwaukee Brewers; and the Milwaukee Bucks.



So MRS Local Marketing is me, and my two Office Dogs, Sophie and Stitch.

My lovely wife Emily (Stitch & Sophie’s Doggy Mommy) works for Lands’ End in Dodgeville WI.

If you want to hire me. Give me a call at 608-220-0061

But if you’d rather hire Sophie or Stitch instead. That’s okay. My feelings won’t be hurt.





Contact me so I can build you a responsively designed and SEO optimized website at a reasonable price.





MRS Local Marketing is the smart choice for Responsive, Mobile-friendly, and SEO Optimized Website Design in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois.